Silent Disco Weddings

How does a Silent Disco Wedding work?

Are you looking for something different to cater for all the different age groups and music tastes at a wedding?

Silent Disco is the perfect solution to keep everyone entertained and perfect for a wedding party.

Wedding Entertainment to break the ice - If you have different groups of guests that don't know each other this will loosen everyone up creating a talking point and a fun environment.  Plus wedding guests that prefer to socialise won't need to shout over the music.  They will also be entertained by the party people singing like no one can hear and dancing like nobodys watching.

Festival Weddings -  Create an authentic Festival Wedding Entertainment and make your wedding stand out from the crowd!  If you are looking for the next level of party entertainment which rocks with all ages, this is for you.  Your wedding will have a true festival feel and will be talked about along time after the event.

Wedding Venue Friendly - There is no broadcast licence required with a Silent Disco so there is no restriction on location, time or venue, be it in a field, marquee or hall.  It is a very adapatale form of wedding entertainment, fitting for all venues and locations.  Many places have a time curfew but a Silent Disco allows you and your guests to continue into the early hours. It is perfect for outdoor wedding festivities where sound can travel, as the signal is up to 500 meters.

Music to suit all Wedding Guests - With lots of different age groups and musical tastes it is a great way to cater to everyone.  Uncle Tom can rock out to Queen while cousin Jane can singalong to Pink.  If your cool friend is listening to Take That everyone will know as the headsets glow different colours depending which channel you are listenting to!  If the Bride and Groom like different styles of music they can still dance together and listen to different songs.

Wedding Budget - Often niche impact ideas are very expensive but hiring a Silent Disco is an affordable wedding idea and will  make your wedding unique and fun.  With a dry hire silent disco you can keep your costs to a minimum whilst having the maximum impact.

Wedding Playlist - Have fun making your own playlists and keeping it personal.  You don't have to worry about guests not enjoying your music choices as they will have another channel to choose from.

We also provide Photobooth Hire to capture your wedding guests like you have never seen them before!

Everybody dancing together to the beat of their own drum!

Let us give you a quote to make your Wedding Party - PARTY!