How To Host Your Own Silent Disco

Silent Disco Dry Hire 

The innovative, high tech equipment that we use makes it very easy to host your own Silent Disco Party and provides a big impact at a low cost.

WOW your guests with this simple but effective music entertainment which only takes 5 minutes to set up but will engage your guests for hours.

Party entertainment which is ideal for everything from a small family gathering, kids party or BBQ to Chartiy events and Weddings, with this plug a play system you don't need to have any expertise either technically or musically!

We supply and deliver the headsets & transmitters to your home and will run through how it all works ( it only takes 5 minutes and we leave printed hints & tips for hosting your silent disco party).

Just plug your music device into the transmitter with the cable supplied and switch on the head sets.

It is that easy! If you would like us to help you with the music supply, just ask.

An alternative to a Disco or DJ - a fresh, unique party entertainment system, for both participants and spectators.  If you are looking for the next level of music entertainment which rocks with all age groups and music tastes this is for you.  

No broadcast licence is required with a Silent Disco so there is no restriction on location, time or venue.  This makes it a very adaptable form of entertainment.

Get in touch and let us bring you a party to remember.

What is a Silent Disco?

How does Silent Disco Work?

Guests wear LED headphones and can choose up to 3 channels of different music.  Auntie Sheila can rock out to Neil Diamond whilst dancing with her teenage Niece who is strutting to Little Mix.  Everybody dancing together on the dance floor, to the channel of their choice.  Its Addictive, immersive entertainment.

Those not taking part on the dance floor will be entertained by the silent disco spectacle.  There will be Madonna's & Travolta's springing up everywhere!

Equipment for Hire


The head sets are the same as the ones used at Glastonbury, Big Brother and other festivals and large events.

  • Easy to use – no pairing just turn them on with a switch.
  • LED (lights change colour depending on which channel you are listening to so you can sync with friends.)
  • Wireless with an internal rechargeable battery which last 10 hours (will you last that long!)
  • Squiggy ear pads for extra comfort – your feet will be envious.
  • Lush loud sound with independent volume control.
  • Up to 3 channels of music.


With 3 channels these small transmitters will carry your music to all the headphones

  • A range of 500 meters so you can listen in different rooms and large areas.
  • Simple to set up just connect to power and connect with a cable (provided) to your music source.
  • LED display to check sound levels.
  • Multiband processor to ensure great sounding, consistent audio levels, keeping the sound pristine without distortion or sudden loud bursts.

Music Source

This can be from your own Laptop, Ipod, Iphone, Ipad, or DJ etc.  Any device that has an audio outlet.

  • Cables are provided for connecting to music source.
  • Stream music through your Spotify account, itunes, cd player radio etc.

We can also provide this for you if you would prefer but people have so much fun creating the playlists for their party.

It’s my party and I will play what I want to!

Let us give you a quote