Terms & Conditions

Groove Silent Disco Terms and Conditions

On paying the £50 deposit to hire/book Groove Silent Disco you (the customer) are entering into an agreement with Groove Silent Disco and agree to fully adhere to these terms and conditions.

Deposit & Payment

We do not hold dates without a completed booking form and £50 deposit.  If the deposit is not received within 48 hours the date and equipment will become available for other bookings.

If you wish to pay balance by cheque, payment must be received and cleared 14 days prior to event.  Payments by online bank transfer or paypal must be received at least 7 days prior to event date.


Groove Silent Disco checks and maintains all equipment thoroughly.  If Groove Silent Disco provide dry hire, equipment will be demonstrated on delivery and therefore checked and shown to be working perfectly.  All headsets will be fully charged before delivery and will last for a minimum of 8 hours.   If they have been used and left on by the customer before their event and drained of battery, this is the responsibility of the customer.

Groove Silent Disco supplies and hosts Silent Disco at a variety of events and venues, we are happy to advice and demonstrate equipment in advance, such as range, audio connection, interference etc.  It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the equipment supplied is suitable for the customer’s specific purposes.

You undertake to store the equipment securely, look after the equipment and to return it in the condition provided.
It is your responsibility to count and check that all the equipment is present before collection and advice by email if any items are missing.
If Headsets or transmitters are missing the cost will be taken out of the returnable equipment deposit.  Equipment costs, if broken (unrepairable or missing):-

  • £40 per headset
  • £60 per transmitter
  • £5 for cables

If the cost of missing or broken equipment  is settled in 5 days a 25% will be given at Groove Silent Disco's discretion.

Venue & Event Requirements

You undertake to arrange access, and be contactable and available for delivery and to have all equipment ready and available for collection.

If the above requirements are not met we would be unable to complete the booking but the hire fee would remain payable.
We cannot be held liable, due to venue difficulties, over running speeches or delays due to traffic. 
In the unlikely event of technical difficulties we will primarily add any down time on to the end of the hire time or as a secondly refund on a pro rata basis, based on time lost.

We upload photographs taken at events to our Facebook Page and our website if clients wish to opt out of this they must express so before the event date.


Groove Silent Disco will always go above and beyond to honour your booking, but in the unlikely event that we have to cancel or vary a booking, however it has been caused, the maximum liability will be to return booking fee and deposit of unused equipment.

Should you need to change or vary your booking, Groove Silent Disco will endeavour to accommodate the changes and transfer your booking, but can’t always guarantee this will possible.  All cancellations must be confirmed in writing at least 14 days before the hire equipment is due to go out on hire.  In the event of a cancellation, the following cancellation charges will apply;

14 days or more prior to delivery - no charges payable by Hirer (with the exception of the non-refundable deposit payment)

Up to 7 days prior to delivery - 25% hire cost payable by Hirer (plus non-refundable deposit)

Up to 5 days prior to delivery - 50% hire cost payable by Hirer (plus non-refundable deposit)

Up to 72 hours prior to delivery - full hire cost payable by Hirer (plus non-refundable deposit).

Damage to equipment and safety of staff

Whilst we encourage the fun use of the headsets if the behaviour of guests could affect the safe running of our equipment, damage the transmitters, headsets or other equipment, or rudeness or threats to our staff we reserve the right to immediately cease use of the equipment and remove it from the event.  In this instance the hire fee still remains payable in full.
In all circumstances the Silent Disco hosts decision is final.

We do not accept liability for any damage caused to personal items and/or clothing while using the Silent Disco.


(a) The contract is for the hire of Silent Disco Equipment and Accessories. The parties to the contract are:  

(i) the Hirer, as an individual or an organisation whose official representative will be the signatory of the contract.

(ii) Owner, Groove Silent Disco. Any condition not enforced or deemed invalid will not affect other condition.

(b) All equipment hired remains the property of Groove Silent Disco at all times. 

(c) Where the Hirer is in breach or subject to insolvency or liquidation proceedings, Groove Silent Disco may terminate the contract and collect equipment without affecting any rights to recover monies owing or breach of contract damages.

(d) Acceptance of goods and services from us implies that you have accepted our Terms & Conditions.


(a) All outstanding payments, will be paid on demand. 

(b) Deposits will be requested as security on equipment hired and will be used against any outstanding payments.  Any balance due is refunded back to the original source of the funds on return of equipment in perfect working condition.

(c)Hire charges will be for periods of 3 days (72 hours) or as detailed on the hire contract.

(d) A minimum £50 non-refundable deposit payment will be required to secure & confirm your order.

(e) Any equipment unavailable for inspection or collection, after a reasonable time, will be deemed to be lost and a charge will be made to the Hirer equal to the current replacement value of the equipment. The Hirer agrees to pay for all equipment loss, repair.  Hire charges will continue until full payment is made.

(f) Equipment must be returned by the Hirer to Groove Silent Disco in the same condition that Groove Silent Disco supplied it to the Hirer. 

Responsibilities of The Hirer

(a) Adequate delivery and collection access will be provided by the Hirer.  Any loading, unloading, set up or break down assistance provided by Groove Silent Disco is at the Hirers risk.

(b) The Hirer will check quantities and condition of equipment on delivery and sign the contract to confirm agreement.  Any damage or shortfall must be agreed, noted on the contract and signed off by both parties.

(c) The Hirer accepts full responsibility for the security and safe use of the equipment until collection or return to Groove Silent Disco.

(d) The Hirer shall return all crates and boxes supplied by Groove Silent Disco.  Failure to return these items will result in a charge for their full replacement value being made to the Hirer.

Responsibilities of Groove Silent Disco

(a) Agreed hire rates will be maintained for the length of the contract.

(b) Appropriate instruction on the safe use and operation of the equipment will be provided by Groove Silent Disco.  Groove Silent Disco does not accept responsibility for any loss or injury caused by the use of equipment.

(c) All powered equipment will undergo appropriate testing and inspection in accordance with relevant statutory requirements prior to commencement of hire.

(e) If equipment cannot be supplied on the agreed date because of circumstances beyond its reasonable control, Groove Silent Disco shall return all monies paid and not be liable to pay further compensation to the Hirer.

(f) The liability of Groove Silent Disco for any claims made by the hirer will not exceed the contract charge and does not extend to any consequential or financial loss caused by late or non-delivery, unsuitability, breakdown or lawful repossession.