Party Entertainment

Why book Silent Disco for your party?

An engaging music entertainment to liven up and entertain guests at a BBQ, Birthday, family gathering or kids party

A Silent Disco is a simple but effective solution to make your party a success for the following reasons:-

Party Starter - although guests are listening to music independently it brings everyone together in a fun way for both participants and spectators. 

Party DJ -   You can DJ your own party and choose your playlists.  It can be set up before guests arrive.  Its a plug and play system which can be set up in 5 minutes and will have your guests dancing and singing the night away.  

House Party that's neighbour friendly - You wont need to worry about upsetting the neighbours or sound curfews as no one can hear the music unless wearing the headphones. 

Party People - With lots of different age groups and musical tastes it is a great way to cater for everyone.  Uncle John can rock out to Guns & Roses while Mum can singalong to Abba.  The headsets glow different colours depending which channel you are listenting to!  This will create the party light show.

Outdoor Disco - With no broadcast licence required with a Silent Disco so there is no restriction on location, time or venue,

Sociable - Guests can chat without having to shout over the music, this makes for sociable event,  they may be discussing the singing and dancing talents of the guests participating in the Silent Disco.  With independent volume control on each headset it is ideal if you have young children with delicate ears.

Affordable - Making your event one to remember can sometimes be very expensive but by hosting your own Silent Disco for your event is a small outlay that will have a big impact.  Alternatively we can host your party for you which is still competitive in price to an average Disco.

Party Music Playlists - You can make your own playlists which is great fun to do.  You don't have to worry about guests not enjoying your music choices as they will have another channel to choose from.

We can also provide Photo Booth Hire to add to your party entertainment.

A Party that everyone will remember ..... for the right reasons

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